Friday, May 11, 2012

My beer doesn't suck

I still haven't gotten my score sheets back from the Atlanta NHC judging center.  But, I did get some good news while waiting for a table at Boma, at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. The Innkeeper took 3rd in English Pale Ales! Wow. I knew my beer was OK, but honestly I didn't have high hopes for this one at all.  

I don't have any homebrewing friends, or any that are half as into beer as I am.  So I evaluate my beer in a bubble. Its nice to know that I'm not blindly sucking down awful homebrew thinking that I'm an OK homebrewer.  Finally, some sort of validation. 

I already drank all of this batch, so its time to re-brew for the second round.  I've never brewed under pressure like this.  I usually have a very relaxed attitude when it comes to brewing.  I try a few new techniques, or a new ingredient combination, and just see what happens. I've never tried to duplicate a beer I've made. Who likes drinking the same beer all the time? 

Cheers to Kris England and Northern Brewer for putting this kit together and Wyeast for making 1469 a year round offering. Otherwise, I'd be totally screwed.