Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Brew Day: Blacksod


When I started brewing I was really into Murphy's and Beamish nitro stouts.  I brewed a few of my own attempts at the Dry Irish Stout with less than stellar results.  The first batch was overcarbonated and very acrid. The second batch was much better, but not quite perfect. I've always wanted to brew a stout for St. Patrick's Day, and this year I'm finally going to get it done.

The starting point for this recipe was the traditional 70% pale malt, 20% flaked barley, 10% roasted barley recipe. However, to boost the body, I'm going to swap half of the flaked barley for malted rye.  I've never used rye in a beer, but I've heard so many brewers talk about the oily fullness rye imparts. That should be perfect for a low gravity dry stout. Also I've added some chocolate malt and boosted the gravity a bit.


6 gallons
45 IBU

   8 lbs Marris Otter
   1 lb   Flaked Barley
   1 lb   Rye Malt
.625 lb   Roasted Barley
.375 lb   Chocolate Malt

1 oz Target @ 60 mins
.5 oz Goldings @ 20 mins

Wyeast 1469

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